Hello world!

Welcome everyone on my blog

I’m Krystian Czaplicki, software developer fascinated by mobile programming, who wants to share his knowledge with others. Since I remember I love to discover new technologies, frameworks and so on and it’s time has come to share what I discovered with you!

On the blog I would like to write about technical topics but also topics generally related to programming. My goal is to write two posts a month, which will allow me to choose the right topic and time to explore it. I won’t focus on writing technical and general posts in specific quantities, I will write on topics that will be the most appropriate in my opinion, so sometimes there may be more technical and sometimes more general topics.

You can find more about me on about page, I encourage you to look there. I also encourage you to write comments, they push me to work even harder on this blog.

It’s time to start the adventure, are you ready? I’m for sure!